Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lizzie has been busy sewing this week.  First she made this "hunting" vest to match her camouflage skirt (not shown) that she will wear to this year's Sportsmen's Banquet at church.
Then she quilted her large quilt made from old jeans.  She added batting and a fleece backing.  It is heavy!  The above picture shows her placing all three layers on top of each other.
Then she rolled up the edge so she could start quilting in the middle.  It's hard working with big and bulky quilts.

She used the fleece from the backing to form the binding (edging).
All done!
Here's a look at the soft, furry, warm fleece backing.
This year we have gotten far behind in keeping our woodpile split and stacked.  We have plenty of wood...just not the time to split it.  The above picture shows James and Nathan (from church) who come over to split wood for their woodstoves. 

Tonight Mike and Lizzie split enough for two racks.  Then Mike and Allen used the tractor to bring it around to the basement.  It was tricky because we've gotten several inches of rain this month and things are slick and muddy!  It sure feels good to have the woodpile filled up again since we are expecting a little snow this weekend...and it's already cold.
I took this picture of Sarah this morning because I like the way her sweater and scarf match.  I think orange is Sarah's best color.
Tonight we had fun sitting around the kitchen playing cards and laughing.  Allen has had an intense week of training at the Japanese restaurant where he works.  He showed us his "notes"...written on the menu.  We're so proud of Allen and all the work he's been doing since getting this job.  It's just sad that ham radio requires late nights but his job requires a good night's sleep!  Next week is his last week of training.  We'll all be glad when that's over.

We've had a busy week with lots going on.  We've been doing flat tires which is painful when everyone is constantly needing cars.  Sometimes it makes me dizzy with everyone's schedules! 

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Laura said...

Dear Miss Lizzie,

What a lovely job you did on both your camo vest and your jean quilt! I have made a quilt from jeans I know how heavy it can be! But, ohhhhh so warm! Thank you for sharing your crafts.

Sweet blessings,
Mrs. Laura