Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We got to talk to Anna on Skype!  It was so good to hear her voice and ask her all the questions we had about her life in Uganda.  She even turned the laptop around so we could see what her room looks like.  We are all surprised at how modern her hosts' home is.  Thank you, Sheri and Matt, for letting Anna use your computer.  It was also Anna's 19th birthday...so it was doubly special.

We brought Anna's cat, Ranger, inside for a few minutes to see his momma.  He couldn't see her but he sure heard her!
We finally burned our large burnpile.
We were surprised how high the sparks flew.  Fortunately there was barely a breeze.  We've decided bonfires are much more fun when you share them with 30 people.
It was just cold enough that Ollie enjoyed the heat from the fire.
This past Sunday, Vera (friend from church) asked if she could try out a few hairstyles on my daughters. 
She needed long hair...and we fit the bill! 
She did two styles on both girls.  I really like this braid on Lizzie.
Sunday evening, our youth put on their annual Patch the Pirate play.  This year the play was called The Lone Stranger.  As usual, Owen did a fantastic job making the set.
I love the covered wagon! 
We had a good-size crowd show up.
Meemaw and Grandad came, of course.
Lizzie provided all the music accompaniment on the piano and guitar.  Maggie was the music director and page turner.
The play went off beautifully...but we're glad it's over.  It is hard giving up Sunday afternoons for practices.
Afterwards, Sarah, Maggie and I squished into Sarah's little pickup truck and came home.  I tried to get a picture of all three of us but my camera wouldn't fit all three of us.
I found this picture of a baby bib Anna made.  I love patchwork!
Maggie tried her hand at sewing fabric flowers and two different kinds of leaves.  This looks much better in real life.  Great job, Maggie!
I made fried eggplant and hush puppies this week.  We really liked the eggplant.  I put turmeric in the hush puppies...which gave a golden glow to everything:-)
Yesterday was sad.  We had to dig up my 6 peach trees and burn them.  They have had borer problems for awhile and this year the borers acted like they were on steroids.  So Lizzie dug them up and dragged them over to the burnpile.  Fortunately my 3 white peach trees (my favorite!) are still doing well.  (Yes, that's little Lizzie driving the orange tractor with the big peach tree on it!)
When we were driving over the Solomon's bridge, Sarah told me about the giant tarp that was hanging over the side while work is being done on the bridge.  Evidently, on one of our recent windy days, the tarp flew up and wrapped itself on all the cars that were crossing the bridge!  The bridge was closed down while they untangled the whole mess.  That must've been something!
Two pictures taken from a recent fellowship dinner after church. 

Anna is doing very well in Uganda and seems to be enjoying herself.  So far she is staying healthy.  She says Sheri is fantastic at making dairyfree foods, so that warmed my heart immensely.  We got to see little Ethan, the 2-year old, while skyping with Anna.  So cute!

We are keeping plenty busy.  Seems like there is always too much to do but it keeps us out of trouble.  The hot and muggy weather is just around the corner, so my thoughts are starting to focus on setting up the pool.  Hurray!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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