Monday, May 14, 2012

 This week we said our goodbyes to a young friend who died unexpectedly.  It helps to know she loved the Lord but it was still painful to see her siblings and parents in such pain.  However, we did enjoy seeing her 20 or so nieces and nephews who came from NY and SD.  I'm thankful you touched so many lives, Lydia.
 We talked to Anna on Skype before leaving for the funeral.  She said the Africans are curious about her braces.  Even the missionary has made some funny comments on the braces:  When Anna was slow to understand his joke, Matt said, "What, is the reception a little slow in the braces today?"  Since my 3 brothers and I all wore braces, I know most every braces joke.

Anna said she found some Masala Tea in Africa...and of course it got my I found it easily on Amazon!  I think Anna said it is quite spicy.
 Anna also had fun telling me about riding to town on a boda-boda.  She said it was hysterical trying to hold on to her package with one hand, and using her other hand to hold on to the boda-boda!  I can only imagine.  I found this picture on wikipedia and it gives you a good idea how funny that must have been.  Anna has one more week before her hosts pack up and go to the city for a conference...and to have their baby.  Exciting! 
 Anna ~ I'm sorry you missed this at our library.  The Lexington Park branch library had an emphasis on quilting.  The librarians made all the quilts shown above.  Every time I go to pick up library books that my daughters have special-ordered, the librarians always look to see if we have any new or exciting quilt books.  I love it! 
 Sarah brought home a flat of strawberries and a bunch of lemons from the farmer's Lizzie made this delicious strawberry lemonade.  Not overly sweet...nice and thirst quenching.  Thanks, girls!
 Our church had their annual chili contest last month, and Kyle won first place!  He didn't follow a recipe but I had him write down what he could remember of it. 
 As always, when I went to taste his chili, it was all gone!
 For some reason there were no tables set up, so it was fun watching the little children eating chili on upholstered chairs:-)  I enjoyed the evening of fellowship. 
 This is definitely the year of the duck egg for us!  My sister in law, Natalie, sent us some wonderful duck eggs from her parents' farm!! 
 The egg on the left is from Natalie, the middle egg is from the amish farm, and the little white egg on the right is a store-bought jumbo chicken egg.  This gives you an idea of the size.
 I am so glad I didn't give away my antique cast iron egg holder! 
 Lizzie and Allen helped Mike do some welding recently.  Welding is one of the "50 Things Every Boy Should Learn" items. 
 They were welding the car ramp stands that had bent over the years. 
 Now Allen and Lizzie can change the oil in the cars.
World's best welding teacher! 

This week Mike and I had "His and Hers" gum surgery.  I guess we've entered a new season in our lives.  It's been a week of broth and mashed potatoes.  I wondered what the guy at Taco Bell must've thought when we ordered 2 sides of refried beans as our lunch!  (I hope this isn't too much info for a blog...but I know in a few years I will wonder what year we had the surgery.)

Our funny story today comes from Adina, our violin teacher.  Adina says that Clara has added our family to their family's geneology:  Clara says, "Ruthie isn't here; Lizzie isn't here; Jocelyn isn't here; etc, naming all her many cousins."  That's okay, Clara, we do feel like family!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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