Saturday, February 18, 2012

We enjoyed a wonderful Valentine's Day dinner.  It was hard waiting for Allen's banjo lesson to be over so we could eat...everything smelled delicious!
Each of my children drew names for their special valentine.  Lizzie made eggfree eggrolls for Allen. He loves eggrolls and has sorely missed being able to eat these (egg whites in the wrappers). 
Hive-free eggrolls!
Sarah was in charge of the meal/day.  We started off with salad in bacon cups, then heart-shaped meatloaf, almondine green beans, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Yummy!  Sarah made the cake the night before...and it collapsed:-)  It still tasted good!
I am still learning how to take candlelight pictures (and even in regular light!)with my new camera.  Not being very successful.  
For my local friends, the Apple Basket has a new line of totes, bags, cosmetic cases, etc.  I think the line is by Donna Sharp of Oklahoma.  (Not sure of the last name.)  If you like the Vera Wang bags at the Loveville Traditions store...then you will like this line...but without the expensive price!
Ruthie enjoyed browsing through the extensive collections of jewelry.  (This was a Momma and Ruthie outing...and she chose Apple Basket!)  The spring inventory is on display, so be sure to stop on in soon!
Valentine's Day is also the birthday of one of Maggie's therapists, so Maggie made a bunch of cupcakes to take to the office.
Lizzie makes these chocolate toppings.
Fortunately Maggie made some for us, too!
Maggie and Lizzie are in search of the perfect gluten-free bread.  This looks like it!
Somebody looks content!
When Lizzie and Anna go to Uncle Mike's to babysit, I always tell them to take their cameras.  This is Kathryn Rose.  So adorable!  They say she likes to peek around the corner and smile.
Ruthie, Lizzie and Anna were invited to a beading party at Jenna's home last Friday.  They had a lot of fun...especially Ruthie, who has talked of beads ever since. 
This is a fun bunch of ladies whom we know from are annual tea parties at the W--- family home.
I was amazed at the beautiful necklaces and bracelets they made.  I'll have to get a picture of Ruthie's and share that later. 
My daughters said Jenna had trays and boxes of beads and charms!
I should've gotten a closeup of Lizzie's necklace.  Yesterday Ruthie used some of her Christmas money to buy beads at Joann's Fabrics.  One more person in line to use the coupons!
Finally got a picture of Mike!  Yes, those are crutches.  Last Sunday evening he was playing soccer with the youth at church...and tore his achilles tendon.  Fortunately he hasn't felt any pain...except at first when he thought someone had kicked him.  After a week of an xray, mri, drs and surgeon's appts, he gets to have surgery on Monday afternoon...if he survives the crutches:-)  He's already in search of a knee walker. The prognosis is 3 months in a cast and on crutches, then 2 months of therapy.  This has been hard for a man who is having his first physical ailment at age 59!

The weatherman is teasing us with forecasts of "maybe snow."  The pictures show the snow down south in southern VA...but the weatherman says dusting to 1".  My daffodils are looking I'm not sure I want snow or not.  The gnats are already annoying so maybe a good freeze would solve that problem.

Enjoy your weekend.  Many blessings ~ Kathie


Anonymous said...

Poor Mike. Hope his surgery and recovery goes well.
If you have a chance, would you mind sharing the bread recipe. I have friends coming for dinner and need to make gluten-free bread for them. I've never done it before.
Your Valentine dinner looked wonderful.



Deb said...

Hi Kathie! Seems like the world just got smaller when I spotted someone we know (we've met twice anyway) in the photo of the beading get-together. The older girl on the left looks familiar. If it's who I think...her family traveled down from MD to our friend's home in King George, VA, for The Blessing I wrote about in December. Her mom is very sweet.

Sorry to hear about your husband's misfortune and surgery. I hope that all goes well.

We're awaiting snow, too, and won't make it to church today as my husband is already scheduled to work anticipated outages.