Sunday, September 11, 2011

 On Wednesday, August 24th, we drove to the city to Strathmore for the annual Ukefest.  This is part of the free outdoor concerts series.  This year was special because we tried to break the Guiness world record for largest number of uke players...which was 851 players.  We did beat 851...but what we didn't know was that Sweden broke that record 4 days earlier with 1500+ players.  Oh well, at least we had fun!
 We arrived early because you never know what traffic will be like.  We packed a picnic lunch of homemade sandwiches. 
 Aren't we a happy bunch?!  We were a bit nervous...not knowing what to expect.  Sometimes these events are too worldly for us, so we were anxious. 
We ended up waiting an hour for the show to start...but it was a fun wait.  We got to hear lots of people strumming their ukuleles.  There was also a father/son team walking around who entertained us with their juggling act.  They were very impressive.  (Sorry, no photo of them.)  
 Mike practicing his ukulele.  To break the record, we played two songs...This Land Is Your Land and Aloha 'Oe.  If you go to the website, you can download the music for both songs.  There are also videos of both songs...for beginners. 
As the night went on, there were hundreds more folks showing up.  We ended up having 944 folks. At one point, the speaker asked how many folks had bought a uke just for this event...and the number of folks who raised their ukes was a lot!  Probably half the folks!

We were given a copy of the music as well as chords.  Our family had a lot of fun playing the two songs.  We wish the entire evening had been a strum-along.  All too quickly the strum-along part was over, and the concert part began. 

It was a fun night out for our family.  I have to admit...I've been pondering how to organize a ukulele strum-along here in our county.  It's such an enjoyable and relaxing hobby. 

My friend, Joan, from Wyoming, has sent me another good, fun, online game called Underwater Bowling.  Really a stretch to call it educational...but have fun trying anyway!  Thanks, Joan.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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