Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have switched my blog over to Blogger's new and improved system...and so far I love it!  It's super easy to upload photos, I can once again click and drag my photos...and so far there are no huge spaces that appear out of nowhere.  

I stumbled onto my childrens' pictures from The Wilds camp this summer.  Anna, Lizzie and Allen had a wonderful time.  Steve Petit was the guest speaker.   
Anna and Lizzie joined the 150-person choir and enjoyed that.  One thing about the Wilds...they have excellent music standards.   
 Here's Lizzie getting ready to go on the land trolley.  Lots of fun things to do at this camp. 
This is Allen coming in for a landing on the trolley.
The rifle range.  
I am impressed with the amount of bullets they use!
Here are Allen and Lizzie getting ready to take off on the giant swing.  
Up, up, and away! 
Lizzie got hit by the big, muddy ball.  Nice face print.
Allen loved his counselor, John (in the green shirt).
Lizzie and Anna loved their counselor, Lauren.  I'm glad my children had a good time...but it is nice having them home again.
This week we brought home an adorable female duck from the Farmer's Market.  We haven't given up hope of raising duck eggs.  We are surprised that the drakes aren't fighting over her...but just in case, we're trying to give one of them away on
My marigolds are doing beautifully thanks to all the recent rains.
I love the way Tom turkey fans out all his feathers and looks like a true Thanksgiving turkey. 
And finally...this picture of a line of traffic behind an amish tractor.  The line was just as long behind us.

Well, I'm not sure yet if I prefer the new blogging system.  There are just as many quirks.  Hopefully I will get used to it.

This week is surely a rainy week.  With all the drought and fires in Texas, I'm extra thankful for any rain we get.  But all the lightening makes it hard to get my blog right now.  Time to quickly unplug the computer.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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