Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lizzie and Maggie are constantly in the kitchen cooking. A month ago I came home and saw some delicious-looking brownies on the I ate one. "Mom!" they shouted, "those are treats we made for the bunnies!" Oh well.

The next week I came home and saw a bowl of white icing that smelled like coconut. Yummy! I only tried a little bit. "Mom!" they shouted, "that is our homemade shampoo!"

So when I saw the sign that said Do Not Eat...I asked first...and I'm so glad. These little treats are homemade bath salts!
When we woke up on Saturday morning, Ruthie came rushing in to tell us there was a little car out front and a big truck out back. Oh my! We wondered what was up...until I remembered that my nephew had called to ask permission to hunt turkey on our property. This is my brother, Mike.

I'm glad they visited with us after the hunt. No turkeys though. This is my nephew, Dustin.
Later on Saturday morning, we went to church for our annual Ladies' Tea. It was so nice. The tables were set up by different volunteers. I think the above table was set by Joyce. I enjoyed seeing all the different styles. I will post a bunch here for those of you who googled Ideas For Tablesettings:

Christy set her table using her Grandmother Nonie's green glass dishes. I really liked these dishes, especially the unique teacups. (Christy really likes these dishes too and hopes one day they will be hers!)

The two Asian tables set by Carmen were really beautiful. (I accidentally deleted several pictures here.)
I sat with my friend Charmaine, who set this table. Those beautiful plates are actually Corelle! Of course, we shared our stories of dropping Corelle and watching it smash to smithereens. I forgot to ask if the centerpiece doily is handmade. Sure is beautiful.

My friend Bonnie set this table. Just lovely.

The verse for this year's tea was Psalm 51:10 "Create in me a clean heart O God, and renew a right spirit within me." Even though the morning started off with the smoke alarm being set off, it was still a very enjoyable time. (Maggie was disappointed no handsome firemen arrived to turn off the alarm ~ family joke.)

Oops...almost forgot to show you Sarah's table! When Sarah asked to borrow some cowgirl stuff to decorate a table, I thought she was crazy! But somehow she was able to pull it off. This is funny because Sarah is my only child who is not crazy about all things western. We were so pleased that Natalie and Darling Abigail came. Lots of crayons and coloring pictures were provided for the little girls. The Ladies' Fellowship always thinks of everything.
We had a good size group!
There was a funny skit.
Joyce sang her song, "Even in the valleys, God is Good. " Joyce knows all too well about being in the valleys since she watched her second husband go home to heaven this year. Her daughter, Robin, is always telling folks about how strong her mother's faith is.
My daughers sang their two songs. Even Sarah got to sing up front...but it sure wasn't planned! The speaker asked her to come up front to lead the song, "Create in me a clean heart."
We were also thrilled that Maggie's occupational therapist, Melanie, and her children were able to come. All the children were so well behaved this year. Thank you Ladies' Fellowship for a wonderful morning of memories.
We came home and took naps. Later that evening, Mike, Lizzie and I drove out to the rural countryside and had a deer run into us. Mike was driving Anna's truck. No one was hurt but we sure felt badly for Anna's truck that she enjoys so much.
Fortunately the deer was killed instantly. (That is not blood near his mouth...that is tar on the road.) The sad thing is, the deer looked perfect lying on the road. Poor little guy, see his antlers? That is our first ever being hit by a deer.

We are getting many little chores done and enjoying the spring weather that has been absolutely gorgeous...but we do need rain.

Many blessings ~ Kathie


A Joyful Chaos said...

You are getting to have quite an assortment of things on the list of "foods" you have tasted. :) thankfully they tucked a warning by the bathsalts!

Love all the pretty table settings!

Sorry that you had a run in with a deer. Glad you are okay though!

Anonymous said...

LOL.glad you didn't eat the bath salts LOL...yuk...and the sad...but happy you all are ok...and the place settings...reminded me of our days in the US hubby was a Chaplain...and the ladies from all the chapels on the military post would gather and do such as this..with so many having traveled to foreign countries...we had quite a selection...thanks for sharing so much of your life...oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the twins!!! Hugs from KY