Saturday, April 23, 2011

We ran out of internet time this past week we got online just long enough to retrieve emails and keep an eye on eBay auctions. My pictures are in weird order, so bear with me. Last night we went to Grace and Peace Presbyterian for their Good Friday service, called The Tennebrae. This is probably the second most meaningful service that our family attends each year. As usual, it was good to see lots of old friends.

I found this picture of Allen. He likes to go fishing in Grandad's pond while waiting for his sisters at piano lessons.

This morning I went to the Farmer's Market bright and early...7:15 am! I had never heard of dyeing bunnies for Easter. My camera doesn't do a good job at showing how pink, blue, and yellow these bunnies are. I liked the natural colors better.

After I bought my $92 worth of goat cheese, I walked across the path to find baby mallards. Since we all passed the duck-egg test with no reactions, I told Ruthie she could buy two ducklings. Was she pleased or what?!

Aren't they adorable? Since Ruthie's last mallard flew away when the cold weather came, we've decided to either clip their wing feathers or keep them caged. I'll let you know when we get the first egg!

Tomorrow morning is Easter Sunrise service with continental breakfast the girls spent the afternoon in the kitchen making donut holes and doughnuts.

They melt in your mouth. They also baked some for the more health-conscious folks...whoever they might be.

Oops...I just deleted three pictures. Oh well, I will save those for tomorrow.

Today I spent the morning and early afternoon at church, helping serve dinner for Mr. Russell's funeral service. Mr. Russell was 95 years young and ready to go home to his Lord. There's something special about Christian funerals, and this one was no different. I enjoyed working alongside Bonnie and Owen, as well as Megan and Cindy. Since Megan's Grandma reads this blog, let me say that you can be very proud of your granddaughter, Grandma! Megan was asked to do many tasks today...and she did them all...and it was a long morning for her. (Cindy worked hard too!)

I completely forgot that today was my hubby's and my 28th anniversary...until I got in my car to come home and read a message from my brother saying Happy Anniversary! Thanks, Simba.

Enjoy your Easter Sunday. He is risen!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

PS ~ This afternoon I ran into Walmart, and on my way out, the greeter said Happy Easter to me. Before I knew what I was saying, I said, "He is risen!" The startled greeter replied, "He is risen indeed!" I think we both surprised each other.


Anonymous said... I am again asking how the girls made the donuts..they look delicious...I am sure I have recipes for donuts here...but always enjoy seeing others...and I so enjoy reading about your family and all their activities..they are a treasure for sure...will they be going onto college anywhere?? just wondering...I do wish you and the family a really Happy Easter Day..filled with happiness and joy in Him who gave Himself so that I may enjoy life daily and then for eternity!!! God Bless us...everyone

Anonymous said...

He is risen indeed! Hope your family had a happy Resurrection Sunday. Happy Anniversary!