Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's springtime! Well...maybe the temps aren't cooperating, but I love seeing our old order Mennonites plowing their fields!
Yesterday, Allen and I had to shop at three mennonite stores...the henyard, the greenhouse, and the bent and dent. They even sound like mennonite stores! Located in Loveville, MD.
I know that when I post pictures like this, my friend Debbie will say thank you so much! Debbie left the county a few years ago and moved to Alabama...taking my daughter's best friend Rebekah with her. Debbie enjoys seeing pictures of our's always a nice trip down memory lane.

I enjoy the slow pace that is forced upon you when driving horses and wagons.
Last night when we got home from guitar lessons around 7:40, we decided to split wood. My pictures are out of order, but you're used to that! Here's Anna on our very old lawn mower. I think we bought this in 1990...doesn't look like much, but it's still running. I guess the same could be said of me!
We got a large pile split. We're hoping to split a pile like this everyday until we get the huge pile split.
Lizzie waiting to put the log on the splitter. I was so nervous about copperheads or snakes...didn't see any...but later found my first tick imbedded in my tummy.
I thought it would make me nervous to see Allen running the splitter...but he has his Dad's knack for safety and precision. Not a fast mover...but a safe one. PTL We've heard some horror stories lately with splitters and men. Old men. Even safe men. But men with sore hands now.
Lots more wood to split!
This is one of those Find Waldo pictures. Lizzie and I were on our dirt road when 6 deer crossed our path. Even though she was quick to grab my camera, they were in the woods in no time. I love seeing long as it's not in my garden.
Anna was telling me lately that she wants to find out what makes we girls enjoy cooking so much. So when she was visiting Grandaddy and saw Rachel Ray make a thai dish, she decided this was the recipe that was going to work magic on her.
This is called Thai Shrimp Curry with Chopped Lettuce and Basil Lime Couscous. Anna isn't keen on shrimp, so she substituted chicken. It was absolutely deeeeelicious! I hope she makes it again...even though she couldn't figure out what is so fun about cooking.
On Saturday, my Dad took some of his oysters to my brother's home. Simba fried up a couple dozen for them to eat.

Then Dad brought a bunch here for us to fry up and eat. My children did the cleaning and frying...while Dad and I sat in front of a roaring fire in the living room. The oysters were delicious. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of us sipping tea!
This past week I made this fantastic recipe called Spring Mac and Cheese. I omitted the egg yolks, and used Goat's cheese instead of the gruyere and parmesan. I loved it. This is a copy of the recipe here...but when I went to find this recipe, I found several different versions. I'd definitely like to try those, too.
Last week, I took Ruthie to Waldorf (45 minutes north) to the "big" city, to go shopping at Toys R Us. Ruthie has birthday money that she's been trying to use wisely. She built her own dollhouse and made all her own doll clothes...but she'd like to buy some nice dollhouse furniture. These dolls are only 3-1/2" it's a hard find.
I gave Ruthie the camera as we were passing by the pond outside the mall. Ruthie was unable to find any dollhouse furniture...even though she spent an hour meditating in the dollhouse aisle! But she knows the value of a dollar and couldn't bring herself to pay real money for cheap plastic that wasn't exactly what she wants. Smart gal!
All the dogwoods were in bloom around the mall. We ate a delicious tempura shrimp sushi roll at the mall, then splurged on an Auntie Annie's pretzel. When I asked if they had any pretzels that weren't dipped in butter, the girl smiled and said she'd make one that would be ready in 10 minutes. I told her that was okay (I didn't want her to go to any trouble for us) but she said that's okay...many folks don't want the butter. The pretzels were as good as we remembered!
I saw this Vintage Swagerty Singing Treholipee Ukulele on this past week. Why does it look funny? Well, this is a surfer's uke. The long fretboard extension is intended to stick in the beach sand while the uke players go surfing. What an invention! This uke sold for $176.

I just got Maggie's recipe for the Coconut Layer Cake, so I will be sure to post it tonight and send copies to all who asked. Now it's time to run to three appointments.

Enjoy spring. Prepare your hearts for this upcoming Easter season. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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