Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's been a busy spring. One of the big events was this past Saturday when the first of my daughters' closest friends got married. Folks from church will recognize all of the groomsmen...Zachary, John Patrick, Drew, and Jesse. I was shocked to see pictures of the wedding posted on the groom's facebook wall...early the next morning!
Anna finished binding their quilt a week before the wedding. This was new for us...usually we are finishing our quilts just moments before giving them away! We told this to Linda, mother of the groom, whom Sarah was helping to finish sewing her dress late the night before the wedding. I guess we aren't the only family to do this.
On the back of the quilt, Anna sewed her quilt label.
Then she sewed some of the fabrics onto cardstock for a matching card. Clever idea! The wedding was beautiful. Best wishes, Matthew and Jessica.

Recently I bought a 25 lb bag of unsulphured, unsweetened coconut flakes. That fills up two 5-gallon buckets. So far we've been enjoying it in granola, muffins, and now a coconut cake.
I definitely have to find Maggie's recipe for this. The cake was light and fluffy...hard to do with no eggs or dairy. Grandaddy especially liked it...and has asked when we're having more!
Ruthie has been busy making different shapes of bowls. She's also been busy arranging and re-arranging her room. Lizzie is really sweet about letting Ruthie move everything around.
Speaking of sweet, these strawberries were delicious! The produce man at the farmer's market had an overstock and sold the strawberries for $5 a flat! I bought 2 for the freezer and one for us.
Lizzie helped me plant a bunch of hostas that were given to us. We've been doing lots of gardening and mulching. That's why the 7-day forecast suddenly changed from warm weather to 30 degree weather! Yikes! We tried to have a bonfire last Friday evening but had to cancel because of the wind. We invited everyone back for this Friday night...but now it's supposed to be a high of 44! Guess we'll play games inside.
We burned up an old chicken coop. We're down to one lone rabbit now, so we freecycled 2 cages and burned two rotting cages. Still so much to do!
This past week when we had the largest full moon in 10 years, we grabbed our cameras and went searching for the best picture. We thought the moon would look good over the river...but my pictures don't look good. Oh well. It was fun.
I decided to try selling some of our cowboy boots that have been outgrown. So far I've listed one of Ruthie's pairs on eBay.
Unfortunately, now she wants to wear them again! Everyone started the old "You're not really gonna sell them, are you?!" If they want to go to camp I will!
How about these dandy boots?!

Spring is always a busy time for us and this year is no different. Tonight Mike took Allen and Anna north to buy a new motor for the large tiller. Afterwards they are going to Bass Pro Shop. Anna and Allen were very excited about that! It's been raining buckets all evening, so I hope they are safe out on the road.

We're cleaning out our basement and taking vanloads to the thrift shop, and freecycling the large stuff. Sure feels good. Right now we're deciding to take good pictures of the 30+ soccer trophies...then sending them to be recycled. That will free up a couple bins!

Enjoy spring. Many blessings ~ Kathie


Deb said...

Please tell Anna Congratulations on her beautiful quilt! I know the new couple will treasure it! And I love the idea of sewing some of the fabric on the card.

I'd love to come over for some coconut! The cake looks delish!

A Joyful Chaos said...

I have never been able to get a moon picture as good as what you did.

The cake looks delicious. If you ever get the recipe I hope you share it on your blog. :)

How does Ruthie make her bowls? Looks like a fun project that our daughters would enjoy learning.

Anonymous said...

The quilt is beautiful. I'm sure the newlweds will enjoy having their bed covered in such a lovely quilt.
Love all the cowboy boots. We could have used a pair when my youngest son competed in a cowboy poetry contest a few weeks ago.