Monday, June 2, 2014

 Last week we got a phone call from a friend who asked if we could come to the local shopping center to rescue a bee swarm.  (For my local friends, it was in First Colony in front of Bed and Bath.)
 It took Maggie and Allen just a few minutes to gather their supplies.  Fortunately, the bees were only 8 feet off the ground. 
 The swarm was easy to sweep into a bucket.  Swarming bees are pretty docile since they have no hive to protect.  As expected, people stopped to watch. 

Someone else had called their friend to rescue the swarm, so Allen offered to let him have the bees.  But this guy said he really didn't want them.  Turns out, Allen had talked to this guy on his ham radio.  Small world!  Thanks so much for calling us, Heather, and for the pictures.  It's been 2 weeks or so and the new hive is doing wonderfully!  They definitely got the queen.

Maggie and Lizzie have been doing serious gardening this year.  They picked one of the hottest days (low 90s) to start planting.
This past Mother's Day, I was invited to bring my hubby to Allen's restaurant for a complimentary meal.
The food and service were exceptional.  I asked about the seaweed salad...I was curious what was in it...and they gave me a bunch to take home!  It was delicious.
I ordered the tempura because I knew Allen made all the tempura.  I really like the dipping sauce.
Since I couldn't have the Mother's Day cake (dairy and egg allergies), they brought me steamed edamame (soybeans).  I love them!  They had large kosher salt sprinkled on them which really made it.  Mike had the Sakura Seafood Soup which I tasted.  I've decided I have to get that next time. So many thanks to the Sakura staff (especially my friend Hannah).
Lizzie has played the organ for church several times.  I wish she could play on a real organ. Brings back memories of my two years of playing the organ in San Francisco.
Back to Sakura again!  Allen has put in many 60 hour weeks working at Sakura helping them to get this restaurant through its first year.  We do our part by eating dinner there once in a while.  We especially like their miso soup and house salad...and Allen's employee discount that they always give us *smile*.
Ruthie likes the miso soup too.  Mike looks like he doesn't like it...but he does!
I drove deep into the woods and found these beautiful irises.  A tree had fallen which allowed just enough sunlight to grow this patch.
Allen and Lizzie love their new bikes and enjoy driving around the countryside with Mike and his brother.
I bought these two bottles from the thrift shop to put my salad dressings in.  I sterilized them but I'm wondering what was in bath bubbles?  If you know, please email me.  I'm just curious.  They are fairly tall (11" and 13").  Two of my friends say they have seen them with soda in them when they were in Italy.
This year for Autism Awareness Day, Maggie made this lion for the auction.  Every year the same little girl buys Maggie's stuffed animals.  So cute!

Remember the Canada geese at the doctor's office?  They hatched...and a few days later they flew away...much to Dr. Hebron's sadness. 
Somewhere in our busy lives we celebrated Anna and the twins' birthdays.  Tomorrow we celebrate my Mom's birthday.  Lots of cake and ice cream!
Allen wears his leather chaps over his suit and rides his bike to church.  As you can imagine, I pray a lot these days!
Last month we held a yard sale with my nephew.  We chose a good location in town (at one of my Dad's properties). 

We got a lot of customers and it felt good to unload much stuff!  I enjoyed seeing a lot of people I know.  But I really don't ever want to do another!

I enjoyed trying out this snack I saw on pinterest.  I wish I had an artistic flair to make it work!
This necklace was Ruthie's contribution to the Autism Awareness Day auction.  She made this and I tried to show the brilliant shine it gives off. 
I've been having lots of fun with all the jeans I've been given to recycle. I bought the yellow denim at the thrift shop.  These are large 10" you can see how big this quilt is! 
Mike and Allen drove their bikes to church together.  They love posing in their leather chaps and jackets!
We had some friends over twice.  Once to watch a movie and another time because Matthew was in town.  Always good to fellowship with them.
I found 4 yards of this floral denim at the thrift shop for $2.90.  And a friend said he has some white denim for all I have to do is choose a quilt pattern!  I love working with denim.

We got to babysit little Clara (4 years old now!).  The time flew too fast.  She had fun seeing all the musical instruments.  I sure miss her!
I took this picture on a day when Maggie and Lizzie were playing different pieces at the same time...and Anna was in the living room playing another piece on the grand piano.  This made me smile.
I always love the time of year when my rhododendrons are in full bloom.

We have several birds nests around our home.  I almost stuck my hand in this one that is hidden on our shelf. 
Allen downloaded an app on his cellphone that tracks how many steps he takes each day.  He walked 6.9 miles and took 18,000 steps!

Sarah is enjoying being a part-time nanny to a set of one-year-old triplets ("the trips") and we enjoy seeing all her pictures. 

My children are preparing to go to summer camps and outings, so I'm preparing to do a lot of and otherwise.  This is a hard time of life for me.  I never know how many will be home and for how long.  Five adults now...and it happened overnight.  So thankful they are all doing well.  God is definitely blessing.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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