Sunday, June 22, 2014

 I love summertime.  Everyone plays their instruments more because of the free time.  We read books and play more games. 
 I took Maggie alongside a back road to collect clover to make a tincture.  I was so afraid a horse and buggy would come around the corner and run into us!
 Ruthie was given a bunch of keys, so she painted them and labeled them to become herb markers.
 Allen and Lizzie each got switch plates from Dr. and Mr. Hebron. What a wonderful idea!
 Meemaw's birthday was June 3rd, so Maggie and Lizzie made her this tall 4-layer cake.  They wanted to try two recipes, so they figured they'd kill one bird with two stones.  The cake ended up being top heavy and kept trying to slide off the cake plate.  We got many laughs out of it.

 We cut 10 slices out of it and then the cake toppled.  But it was good!
 I went to harvest my lettuce and discovered I had hung the planter too close to the bird feeders.  Oh well.  I'll move it to the other side of the house and start over.
 I found this picture of Sarah's coffee machine and K cups.  What a life saver this set-up is when we have overnight guests.
 The next pictures were taken at Allen's martial arts' picnic.  Jeff and his family are moving next month, so this was a farewell picnic.  Allen will definitely miss his closest friend.

 On the way home, I stopped to take a picture of one of my favorite places around the county.  I love rail fences and wildflowers!
 Our family enjoys eating charred baby bell peppers.  We have them often.
 Here are the twins getting ready to ride to church...this is their first time riding double. 
 Our church honored the recent high school graduates.  I didn't realize Allen's face was blurry until later.
 Lizzie's turn.
 This year's group.
 Nice cake.
 Now that Abigail is out of school for the summer, we see her often.  She wanted to do a bee inspection with Maggie, so Maggie rigged up an extra adult-size suit.  So cute!
 Last week I ate papaya salad twice out in town.  It was delicious, so naturally I want to make my own.  Our Asian market sells green papaya but instead I'll stop at the Asian market in Silver Springs to get pre-shredded papaya.  Can't wait to experiment with it!
 I found this vintage banjo thing at the thrift shop.  It had gaudy plastic flowers in it but I took them out and use it to store Allen's banjo picks.  Handy!
 Jeff came over to watch another movie.  I was trying out a new setting on my camera and they thought the pulsating flash was funny.

 Thursday night is Family Night at my parents' home.  This is my Dad, Lizzie and Zoey, my brother's granddaughter.  Sometimes we have 20+ people and sometimes only a dozen. 
 But we always eat well!  We love my Dad's brisket.
 I found this picture on my camera.  This is Mike in his tux ready to go to the graduation dinner/ceremony at the Navy's Test Pilot School. 
 This is our latest sushi attempt.  They might not look like much but they sure taste good!
 Paul from church bought this wig at the teens' yard sale.  I guess he misses not having his own hair!
 This past spring we've had 4 bird nests around our one feisty black snake.  I had to bat him away from one nest...
 ...but he obviously got an egg from somewhere.  All four nests are now empty and I can breathe more easily.
 More music playing.  Never get tired of it!
 I enjoyed watching this dove swinging on one of Allen's three ham radio antennae.  I have 6 mourning doves this year.
Sarah's 27th birthday was also in June.  We didn't expect to see her that day, so Maggie bought her a little cake at the last minute.

 We've been experimenting with several veggie cutters that cut into julienne strips.  We bought them for cheap, so it was worth trying them out.

 We didn't like this green cutter.  It only works for carrots.  Our cucumbers weren't firm enough.

 We do like this Vegetti for zucchini and squash.
 My personal favorite is this one that I use to make carrot and cucumber strips for sushi.  Hard to wash though.
This one I hope to try someday.  I'll keep looking at the thrift shop for a used one.

Allen has ended his 6-month employment at the Sakura restaurant.  It was too much to work so many 12-hour days straight and then try to stay awake in church on Sunday.  They also couldn't afford to pay him even minimum wage, so he is again unemployed.  We are encouraging him to take a couple weeks off to recover and get some projects done here at home.  I'm so glad to have him free on Friday and Saturday evenings!

Anna is in Tennessee at Camp Bimi for three weeks.  Maggie and Lizzie will join her for the third week.  I sure miss her.  She's working hard.

The sermon this morning was about prayer.  I am encouraged to pray more often and for more folks.  Pastor shared with us the power of prayer in the early church in Acts.  Very convicting.

Enjoy your summer days.  I'm afraid to blink for fear it will be September!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

Have Thine own way, Lord.
Have Thine own way.
Thou art the Potter, I am the clay.
Mold me and make me after Thy will.
While I am waiting, yielded and still.

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Deb said...

Hi Kathy, I just decided to check your blog tonight and found out you're back to posting in 2014. So I spent some time catching up a bit. It's good to read all your news and see what your family is up to!