Friday, June 10, 2011

We've owned many ducks over the past 10 years but we've never had a snuggler. We finally have one. Milkshake is a black mallard and I love the way he snuggles up to Lizzie's neck.

Lots to catch up on. Memorial Day was very lowkey. We had just family for an indoor picnic.

As much as Abigail loves having Sarah for a nanny, she loves her Mommy even more. I love seeing her snuggle her Momma.

Catching up on each others' lives.

Grandaddy enjoying his Grandkiddies, as he calls them. Abigail turns three tomorrow!

Usually by the time Memorial Day comes around, I am tired of hotdogs and hamburgers. This year I was actually looking forward to them...until I saw my brother Simba's BBQ pork and seasoned beef!! The pork disappeared quickly but I liked the beef better. Thanks, Simba.

Floyd showed up with his family...including his grandbaby Zoe who impressed everyone with her walking 7-1/2 months! Four of mine walked at 8 months, so Cecilia had fun showing off for me.

Gotta show Meemaw holding baby Kat.

Abigail loved the pool. She is such a fish! I have been amazed that our little pool has kept a steady 80 degrees...until the 100 degrees hit this week. Bath water now.

Lizzie had a hard time getting her turn with baby Kat...but her persistence paid off!

Is she adorable or what?!! Such a smiley baby.
Aunt Jean and Uncle Ron showed up after everyone left. They drive up from Sterling, VA, so they have a good excuse. Aunt Jean's latest quilted wallhanging. Beautiful.

Allen passed his red belt test with flying colors! We are so proud, Allen. It's a good thing he gets a new uniform...his green uniform is shredding!

Allen's 51 chickens are doing wonderfully, even in this heat. He only lost one chicken in the beginning. Almost time to visit the amish butcher.

The chickens are located along my driveway. I enjoy driving by and stopping to chat with the roosters who are learning to say "Cockadoodledoo!" They finally have it nailed this week.

I thought I liked the white chickens of years' past...until I saw these brown chickens. So gentle and beautiful.

Mike took Anna's steps over to install on her treehouse.

Supervisor. Hard work.

Mike had to dig 3 or 4 feet to bury the excess stairs. We didn't realize how tall the stairs are.

These are the old steps that required a balancing act. I think Anna will love the new stairs.

Lately we've been eating meals that have been thrown together at the last minute. But this was a delicious meal. Maggie and Lizzie made the asian-flavored fish that they grilled. For the cauliflower, Maggie sprayed oil, sprinkled salt and pepper, then grilled. It was delicious! I quickly chopped up the veggie salad and added a can of chili beans and wishbone Italian dressing. It felt good to eat a balanced meal!

My peach trees were laden with almost fully ripe peaches. I knew if we left them on the tree, the coons and squirrels would get them.

So Lizzie picked a 5 gallon bucketful.

Yesterday Lizzie helped me can 9 pints of peach jam. Yummy! Note to self: Next time you make sure to set some sourdough biscuits the night before!

My friend, Susan, gave me this beautiful purple petunia that is doing great...even in this heat. I have some yellow French marigolds planted also. Thanks, Susan.

Last week when we went to the farmer's market, Allen talked me into buying three turkeys from the amish. I thought $12 a turkey was steep but Allen said that is a good price. Evidently the mortality rate is terrible for the older, cheaper turkeys.

I am so glad we bought these guys. They are personable and sweet...even the one who keeps escaping. They coo like my mourning doves.
Ruthie was determined to get a picture of her duck. Buttercup is definitely NOT a snuggler!

This morning, Anna arrived back in the USA from her missions trip to Nepal and Cambodia. She will have a day+ of debriefing and catching up on sleep. I can barely wait to hold her in my arms.

Mike and the twins left early this morning to drive to Atlanta to pick Anna up. We were supposed to go as a family, but my car broke down again yesterday. Same problem as last week, so hubby is disappointed that the $200 in car parts that he replaced were obviously not the problem. So he was able to rent a car ($86 for 3 days!) to make the trip. Breaking down in the 100+ degree heat also made us realize how dangerous it would be for Ruthie to make the trip. The heat and humidity would've aggravated her asthma had we broken down on the way. When Mike and the twins left this morning, she cried herself to sleep. She has a terrible case of cabin fever.

Just a note for the sake of my diary. When our good friends, Tom and Jenn, found out about our car, they offered us their brand new Suburban! We had already picked up our rental car but we sure appreciated their thoughtfulness. Maggie and I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read, "Don't let the car fool you...our treasure is in heaven." I hope to find that sticker someday...and I'm gonna put it on Tom's bumper! There aren't many folks in this world who would lend their brand new "Texas cadillac" to someone to put 1200 miles on! But if you knew Tom and wouldn't be surprised.

Many blessings ~ Kathie


Charmaine said...

Amen to that, Kathie!!! You're spot on about Tom and Jenn...have a good time loving on your baby when she gets home.

Anonymous said...

Tom and Jenn sound like a treasure. Glad to hear your daughter is on her way home. If they get stuck down here, tell them to look us up.