Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One of our dearest friends from church, Mr. Owen (...of our infamous Bonnie and Owen), made this adorable artwork gift and gave it to us this past Sunday. We love it! On the bottom is says, "to the beekeepers, keep 'em hummin'!" What a thoughtful gift...and what talent! Mr. Owen is always using his gifts to bless other folks. Anytime we need props for our plays and VBS, Mr. Owen is right there painting away. Mrs. Bonnie also gave us a gift...a bag of fabric. What a fun gift for our family! Thanks so much, Bonnie and Owen. (And I hope I don't get in trouble for bragging on them!)

Another friend from church, another Mrs. Bonnie, gave us a bolt of orange fabric. She told us, "Now I expect to see all five girls in matching orange dresses this fall." She is sooo funny!

Our latest dish using nondairy daiya cheese shreds is this Macaroni and Cheese. It was sooo delicious!

Allen sewed this tote bag for me for Christmas. I love it! He knows I love western fabrics, so all three prints are western themed. He did such a good job matching all the points and corners.
I like the way he sewed the handles. (They are sewn straight...I just had the handles all wadded up right before I took this picture.)
And I like the way he topstitched the sides and bottom. The size is perfect for my Bible and/or music. Thanks, Allen.

Maggie sewed three hat/scarves for Anna for Christmas. These are called scoodie scarves. (I just learned this term.) The fabrics are soft flannel. I think Maggie did a perfect job especially considering she didn't have a pattern.
On one of the scarves, Maggie used buttons so the hat and scarf can be used alone.
I love her choice of fabrics.

Sarah made this hat and scarf set for Ruthie for her birthday tomorrow. She will love it!
Sarah had fun making this flower thing out of zippers.
Last week Sarah made this handy carry for her yoga mat. Very nice!

This past month, Maggie has been giving one of her oldest bunnies some penicillin shots to try to kill off an abscess on her face. It didn't work, and Maggie had to make the tough decision to put Bailey down. It was so sad. I was surprised to get this lovely card from the vet offering her sincere sympathy. What a touching thing to do.

I bought this large book at the thrift shop yesterday and I have been enjoying it. There are many, many photos...my favorite kind of coffee table book! State fairs used to be serious business a hundred years ago. I noticed there is also a Maryland state fair book for $4 that I hope to find in the thrift shop some day.

Well, the week is going well. The pianos are all tuned and we had a very good appointment with the Occupational Health folks. Anna got the first two of her shots today. Thursday she gets another two. Today's shots were supposed to make her feel "off", but I haven't heard any complaints. And I'm happy to report that the Navy does not give any shots with thimerosal (mercury). PTL! And the doctor decided not to give Anna the dreaded rabies vaccination...another big praise.

Today I spent my only free hour snuggling Ruthie, so I didn't get any sewing done. Ruthie said snuggling was more important than gifts, so I obeyed. I love snuggling my babies!

Many blessings ~ Kathie


Taleia said...

Half of your pictures are not showing up for me... ??? :(

Btw, it's "scoodie", not scoopa. Lol, you crack me up. :)

Kathie said...

Oops, I changed the scoopa to scoodie. I got the word scoopa from etsy. Oh well.

My pictures are showing up fine. Still having trouble?