Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This past Sunday evening was the Kidnapped on I-land play. Everyone remembered their lines. PTL My children had fun but we're glad to have our Sundays back. I will be doing a post on the soon as I get the pictures downloaded.
After the play, our church gave a send-off to one of our families who are moving to Florida for a new job. They will be missed. Christy sure does a nice job on her cakes.

This week our health food co-op had our orders delivered. We were so happy to have our Cheddar Teese again! What is that? It's a wonderful fake cheese made by Chicago Soy Dairy. Yes, it's soy based...unfortunately.
The teese comes in big 3# tubes. The three flavors are mozzarella, nacho, and cheddar. We've only tried the nacho and cheddar so far and they are yummy! For lunch we had nachos, then for dinner we had baked potatoes with broccoli and teese sauce. I know...all things in moderation...but for right now, we are enjoying foods we haven't eaten in years.

I also bought a pound of wild rice to add to pilafs. Did you know most grains contain a lot of calcium? This pound will last our family a long time since I only add a tablespoon to an entire potful.

I also bought a pound of Teff grain so I can experiment with making African Injera Flatbread. I think I will follow this recipe here. This is a sourdough version, and I like all things sourdough!

This is our baked potato with broccoli and teese sauce...and yes, you can tell it was kept warm for a long time waiting for Mike to come home from work. But it was delicious!

Well, this week we've been battling headcolds. We originally thought Anna and Allen were allergic to their honey, but no, one by one we've all succumbed to the sore throat and head congestion. Praise God the girls were still able to sing in the church play. The good thing is that we are all finished and ready for our Labor Day picnic. I am baking 4 large pork shoulders for Pulled Pork Sandwiches...and our home smells yummy!

While we are thankful that Hurricane Earl passed our way without so much as a breeze, we really could have used the rain.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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