Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Punctuation Day!

Yes, there really is a National Punctuation Day! A news reporter got frustrated with all the daily punctuation errors, so he is doing his part to encourage correct punctuation. Go here to his interesting website.
Life here has been almost overwhelmingly busy. We also ran out of internet time...so I couldn't post for a few days. Now we are back online and I am recovering from all the post-vacation laundry. My parents hosted a weekend vacation down in VA for our extended family. (My brother Mike didn't make it because baby Kat is due any day!)
My pictures from this year's vacation are almost the same as last year's!
Allen got this sailboat catamaran from freecycle.org. Mike tried it out but said it was pretty hard to maneuver. There was a strong breeze for most of the weekend. The weather was perfect!
My children had fun doing all the usual water sports.
Dad's oysters are doing well.
Breakfast time with cousin Cody.
Simba and Abigail reading in the living room. As usual, life was fun with Abigail.
I helped Lizzie stitch some of her quilt. She did a perfect job on all the triangles.
That's Ruthie my cowgirl in the pink dress. Nothing like fishing with a cowboy hat on!
Allen caught a bunch of minnows for bait. The weekend ended up being terrible for fishing.
Meemaw was good for playing cards. My children always enjoy card games.
I guess lunch was boring.

We came home Sunday evening and woke up to a busy week. Today is our first easy day in a long while. I hope to clean the kitchen, then get some sewing done. Ruthie and I are both back down to 2 dresses. We have an upcoming wedding to go to, so I need to get busy!

There were so many things I wanted to write to clear my head but now that I'm at the computer, I've drawn a blank! Oh well. Maybe there will be a second post today.

Enjoy the beautiful weather. Our Mennonite friends are all still selling sweet corn...a record year. Usually the last of the corn is gone by Labor Day. But we are desperate for rain.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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