Wednesday, May 14, 2008

These are my beautiful Mother's Day Cards. Ruthie made this one. She punched out the flowers and painted them individually. Aren't they lovely? Oh, how I enjoy homemade gifts!

This card is from Anna. The scanner sure doesn't do it justice. Anna punched out the flowers and slipped my favorite fabrics behind the openings. They are so colorful in real life.

And this card is from Maggie. She couldn't do the actual crafting of it, so she directed Anna how to make it. It is so much fun having artistic daughters!

My friend Charmaine gave me a book recently that was written by Dale Evans (wife of Roy Rogers) called, "In the Hands of the Potter." I have been reading it for a few days. Dale sure knows her Scripture. I have read several of her books, and this one is just as good. I looked online, and you can get many of her books for under $2. Dale had to learn the hard way how to "let go and let God." If you want to be encouraged to lead a godly life, read her books. If you want to borrow any of her books, feel free to email me.

Today was our last day of Homeschool Co-op. The year has surely gone quickly. We will have a Homeschool Open House on the 30th which should be fun.

Tomorrow brings more rain. We sure learn to be thankful for rain after last year's drought! Many blessings ~ Kathie


taralynn819 said...

Yes, I am definitely hoping for a better corn crop this year! I was spoiled back in Minnesota. My mom used to work for Hormel and every August all my relatives would get together and we'd get to pick over whole trucks brimming with corn-on-the-cob and then cook, cut, and freeze meal-size packs for the winter. I miss that.

Your children are VERY artistic - and they love their mom!

taralynn819 said...

I didn't mean Hormel, I meant Birdseye. Although, Hormel is just jaunt from my Bible College, so I get the two mixed up!

Glad you're feeling less overwhelmed. I don't have any kids OR a big house to manage and yet I find myself often overwhelmed.