Friday, August 17, 2007

XYZers Visit!

Today our family hosted a special luncheon and mini-concert for the XYZers from our church. XYZ stands for X-tra Years of Zest and these folks sure have it! What a blessing we received. We put three 8-ft tables end to end in my kitchen, which seated 26 comfortably.
Our menu consisted of Grilled chicken (lemon pepper, barbeque and italian), watermelon, pasta salad, roasted baby yukon potatoes, rice, jello salad, and oven-baked green beans. For dessert we had cheesecake, carrot cake, chocolate brownies, and Aunt Marilyn's pineapple zucchini bread. It was all delicious and the XYZers are easy to please.
After lunch, everyone found seats in the living room to hear our little concert. Ruthie started off singing Ron Hamilton's "Hear Am I Lord."
Allen and Mike played their ukes and sang "Springs of Living Water." Then my Mother played a piano solo.

Lizzie and her violin teacher played a duet, then her teacher, Adina, played two beautiful songs. The way Adina plays the violin brings tears to my eyes. My Grandfather would have enjoyed listening to her for hours. Next in line was my daughter, Sarah, who sang "Speak Lord (for Thy servant hears)." I didn't get a picture of her, but there were two folks who declared that she should sing more often in church. When I was pregnant with Sarah, I prayed to the Lord that she would be given the gift of singing. I didn't care if she were pretty or smart, just that she be healthy and vocal. The Lord certainly blessed us because she is beautiful, intelligent and has a wonderful voice.
Aunt Marilyn played her piano solo, then accompanied Uncle Gene on his tuba. It is to Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Gene that I owe my appreciation for whom I am today. For I am thoroughly convinced that I would be totally the opposite of who I am today were it not for their prayers. I was a naughty, spoiled child and they must have feared the direction I was going. They took me to church and special events every chance they got so that I was able to hear the salvation message repeatedly until I understood it. Aunt Marilyn also held Bible clubs in her basement for years.
The girls and I sang one of our old songs. We haven't sung together for awhile, but the Lord blessed.

I think it says a lot about our church to have so many older folks, especially older folks who are active in church and are always offering encouragement to the rest of us. I was touched when Dick offered thanks for our meal and remembered to pray for the XYZers who aren't in good health. Our family will remember this day for a long time.

Before the XYZers left, we stood in a circle holding hands and sang, "God Be With You Til We Meet Again." It sounded wonderful.

After the XYZers left, we sat out on the porch with Aunt Marilyn, Uncle Gene, and Mom, and caught up on the latest family news.

So tonight we've invited our neighbor, Rick, to come over and help eat leftover cheesecake and coffee. Our whole family enjoyed today and look forward to having the XYZers back in the winter when we can sit around the fireplace and sing.

One of the funny things that happened this week was when Ruthie told my Dad that the old folks from church were coming for lunch. "I think they are inspectors," she told him, "because Mom keeps wanting us to clean the house." What will she say next?!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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deb said...

Kathie, what a wonderful post! I'm sure your family blessed the old folks immensely, and I know it was a special day for them all to get to come to your home for a meal and a musical time. Blessings on you for your love to them. XYZers is such a great group name!