Monday, August 20, 2007

Fellowship Evening

About four times a year, our church cancels Sunday evening service and has Fellowship Evening. The purpose of this evening is to allow the folks in church to get together for fellowship in our homes. We enjoy these evenings a lot. Last night we had 24 folks over.
At first, most people were outside. The children played badminton across the front yard. (I have a dozen sets of badminton but no nets...which is better. The children just divide up into twos.) The boys were in the field playing BB guns and airsoft guns (with the Dads!). We women sat on the porch talking.

As it got dark outside, everyone came inside. We had ping pong, foosball and darts in the basement, air hockey in the toy room, and most dangerous of all, Rumikub in the kitchen.

The teens were funny. They played cards in the living room, but they sat on the sofas while the deck of cards was in the middle on the floor! Never mind the coffee table, lol.

As usual with any FBC event, there was plenty of food. My neighbor, Rick, brought chicken wings that smelled delicious. Charmaine brought boxes of Italian Ices, which was a real hit, especially with my children since they are dairyfree. Charmaine then left 4 boxes of them with us as a gift. What a sweetie!! There was plenty of cheese and crackers, veggies and dip, and cookies, brownies, and fruit.

At 9:30 everyone started wrapping things up and by 10 they were gone. Too bad today is a workday since we would have loved to fellowship much longer.

Enjoy the remaining summer days. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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