Saturday, June 30, 2007

They're home!!

This morning I am a happy hen now that all my chicks are back under my wings. I sure missed Anna and Maggie while they were at Missions Camp at BJU. They had a good time and learned a lot. Had to laugh when I saw their pictures. There were several photos where everyone was soaked, literally. Evidently they got caught in a rainstorm on one of the very few sidewalks that weren't covered. What memories that stirs!
This is a picture of Anna and Maggie standing in front of their dorm, Nell Sunday, the dorm I stayed in my Freshman year. Mike and Sarah went to pick up Maggie and Anna, so while they were there, they made their usual visit to the bookstore. Got lots of wonderful books, music, and CDs. I haven't seen the books yet, but for music they bought a music book for recorders, some wonderful violin duet music (hymns), and a sacred duet book that Maggie and I have already played through. For CDs, Mike bought another recording of his favorite sacred quartet, The Calvary Quartet.

Last year Mike brought home a CD called The Farm Boys that we loved and have played many times. It was recorded by five boys who were attending BJU at the time. Unfortunately I have searched the internet and cannot find a copy being sold anywhere. Too bad. Here's what it looks like if you ever find a copy on eBay or Amazon. The email address on the back is I don't know if this is still good. Anyhow, this summer Mike brought home another CD called Clean Pickin' that we are in the process of wearing thin. If you go to this link you can listen to samples. These are very hillbilly-sounding CDs. Our family should be living in the hills of Tennessee.Maggie and Anna went through the whole basic process of what it takes to be a short term missionary which involved pretending they were going to assigned countries. They even went to the airport and sat in the small 6-seater planes, which Maggie fell in love with. I was pleased that Anna was able to do all the finances including buying her plane ticket to Ghana, Africa. Maggie was assigned to El Paso, Mexico.

Some of the classes involved cooking from fruits and veggies with the main meat being lamb. Both Maggie and Anna were disgusted by the lamb dishes because of the fattiness and bloody rare doneness. Of course, Maggie loved everything about the kitchen, the cooking instructor (Mr. Moritz), even the dishwasher! Maggie and Anna were assigned with a friend, Jonathon who was really good about singing along as he chopped food. Afterwards everyone asked when they were coming out with their CD!

Well, it's time to peg all the laundry and air out the suitcases. Enjoy your weekend.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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deb said...

I know you're glad to have your crew home again! Wonderful that they had a great missions week!