Monday, February 10, 2014

 Not much is going on around here.  Allen works long hours at his restaurant.  I took this picture of him last Sunday morning as he was waiting to leave for church.

Then Allen and Lizzie started playing around with my funny phones.  The plastic phone Allen has is an antique Roy Rogers phone.  Lizzie's phone actually works and we depend on it when the electric goes out. 
This past weekend, a couple of our children came down with the dreaded stomach virus, so we thought we'd show our church family how much we love them by staying home.  We spent the time listening to this excellent cd by Voddie Baucham.  We all agreed it is definitely worth listening to.

This past week was special for Anna.  First, she got the last of her braces off.  Hurray!  Then, she drove up to Washington DC and spent the night at a hotel with her second family.  If you remember that two years ago, Anna spent 11 weeks in Uganda being a mother's helper to a missionary family that was expecting a new baby (Anna is holding her in this picture).  Well, this family is in the states doing deputation. 
Anna loved being back with them and she also liked how the children remembered her and felt at ease with her...sitting on her lap and asking her questions.  Baby Ethan was a toddler then but now he is a big boy at four years old!  (But still cute!)

Anna came home and slept on the sofa for a long nap...just like she did when she came home from Uganda!

We're tired of the ugly snow piles.  We want some REAL snow!  And I am tired of all the mess that wood makes around the woodstove.  But I'm thankful to be warm and toasty.

Can you tell what these pictures are?  We were given a free ticket to get a car wash.  The first picture shows the soap being squirted onto the sunroof window.  Now my little black car is shiny and clean.  It was painful to drive my clean car onto our dirt road.

So we are busy into the winter doldrums.  School, work, chores, and soccer keep us busy. 

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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