Sunday, August 12, 2012

 She's home!  Yes, I'm way behind in my blogging...again. Anna came home the middle of June.  She was tired but happy.  Oh how I waited for this day!

 We arrived at the airport more than an hour early, so we were waiting impatiently.  I thought her plane would never land...and then we had to wait for her to go through customs.  
 Here we are bored.  Every time the door opened, a few people would trickle out.
 So nice to see her healthy! When Anna came home from last year's missions trip, she had been literally starving for a month and was very under-weight.  This year was a different story...she even gained a few pounds!  Thanks to Shari for feeding her so well.  Shari also taught Anna to enjoy cooking!
 The first week home we found Anna sleeping at odd times thanks to jet lag and adjusting to our time zone.  She was also missing her missionary family...especially their newborn.  I heard her wondering if we knew anyone with a baby to hold.   *smile*
 We were thrilled the night Allen painted the 2-story stairwell.  We were finished painting!!  What a long 6-month project this has been...but well worth it. 
 We hired the three men from Michelson's Flooring to come install our oak flooring.  They did a wonderful job, and we enjoyed getting to know them. The picture above is Dennis. 
 This is David Michelson, the owner.
 And Bob.

The week they installed was in the mid 90s with lots of humidity, so they couldn't open the windows.  The upstairs was miserably hot since the air conditioning wasn't able to keep up with the heat.  (We hadn't replaced the insulation in the attic after the Hurricane Irene fiasco.  We've sinced added the insulation.)

Isn't it beautiful?!  It was hard to wait a week before moving upstairs...but the fumes were just too overwhelming.  Then we had to put felt on the bottom of everything...beds, sofas, dressers, chairs...even my trashcan!  I love it.  I especially love using my swifter for quick cleaning!

For our church friends, these three brothers recently tested for their green belts in Tang Soo Do.  Congrats to Ben, Sam and Philip!

I have lots of pictures to go through.  We have mostly been busy with painting and trim, but we did go on two small trips.  Lots to catch up on.

This summer has been record breaking hot with lots of humidity to keep it company.  I am very thankful for our pool...which for some reason has kept right at 84 degrees.  Refreshing!  The past two days we have finally gotten some rain, so I think we may be starting to recover from our drought. PTL

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Deb said...

Glad to see you're still there, Kathie! I know you're thankful to have your girl back home! And it sure sounds busy around your house with all the renovations! Thanks for catching us up.