Friday, November 11, 2011

Last night we had several families over to watch a dvd and to enjoy some fellowship.  As expected, we had a fun time.  I asked everyone to bring a dessert, so the food part was easy.  Maggie made these apple cider cookies with caramel drizzle as well as some oatmeal cookies.  Delicious!

Mike is setting up the video for our home theatre.

Afterwards we played Rumikub, Blokus, and Checkers.
Allen was pleased to beat Tom in two games of checkers. 
I copied a bunch of pictures off Anna's camera, so there are a few oddball pictures.  This is Abigail and Ruthie at the McDonald's playground this past week.  Ruthie declared herself to be too big for crawling around the tunnel...she came home with skinned knees!  
Driving through amish country and seeing the amish scholars walking home from school.
On Wednesday, we went to the Battle Creek Cyprus Swamp.  We enjoyed the falcon.  I was looking forward to seeing the owl but the man said the owl finally died after 19 years.  However, the huge copperhead will be returned to the living display area around Christmas.   
The swamp is usually noisy with birdcalls and animal sounds but on this day it was quiet.  Very quiet.   
The cyprus tree is related to the tall redwoods in California.  It was hard to capture the magnificence of these trees on camera.

I see here that Maggie has her good I'll have to find that and see if there are any good pictures to add here.
One last picture.  The indoor displays are very nice...except for the observation beehive.  I was surprised at how dirty it was.  Usually these hives are fascinating to watch but the bees were barely moving.
On Thursday night we went to my parents' home for family time.  Here's baby KathrynRose and Leslie.  What a fast year.  Kat is walking around with ease.
This is a terrible focus but I wanted to include this picture...since Uncle Floyd always ends up on the floor with the babies.
Mike and Dustin.  Dustin has gotten 2 deer so far this season!
Floyd and Cody.
Abigail in the arms of her most favorite person in the world...Mommy!
Last month, Sarah took Anna and Maggie up to VA to see the latest Courageous film.  They loved it and have talked about it a lot.  So Anna talked Mike into returning, and this time they took the twins.  Ruthie is too young for the adult themes.  I am looking forward to seeing this when it comes out on dvd.

Here's a picture of Grandaddy and Mr. Harry clearing out the treefort path after the destruction of Hurricane Irene.  Thanks again! 

This morning finds us scattered to the four winds.  Sarah is running with a friend as part of her "Couch to 5K" class.  Lizzie and Anna are cleaning house for Aunt Leslie.  Mike is off to Alabama for a week.  And as soon as I am finished this post, I will be sitting in front of a roaring fire and watching an episode of Laramie with three of my children. 

Enjoy your weekend.  Many blessings ~ Kathie

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