Monday, October 10, 2011

 Our cosmos are in full bloom right now and just as beautiful as can be.  My cosmos garden looks dreadful thanks to Hurricane Irene but the flowers are still growing.  I like the pinks best, but I also have some autumn cosmos growing out front that are beautiful as well. 

  I was finally able to find some crocs at the thrift shop for little Clara.  They fit perfectly!  Clara used to enjoy wearing my crocs while we were visiting for violin lessons.   (For my own info:  size 5-6.)

 My friends on facebook post some of the funniest photos.  Here are two for your enjoyment. 
 This photo is called "Find the cat."  If you know what my cat looks like, then look for him.  I'll leave a clue at the bottom of this post.  You should be able to double-click on the picture to see a larger version.
Time to post a picture of Abigail.  She loves her cousin Maggie.

I was originally going to post the photos of all the county fair winnings...until I saw how many photos there are!  I'll save that for tomorrow.  This is one item...Anna's denim rug sewn from recycled jeans.  
My son is a night owl...just like I was in high school.  He tries hard to get to sleep early but it rarely happens.  Since he plans to attend Bob Jones University in two years...and they have an 11 o'clock lights out...I think he should start getting into the habit now:-)  Anyhow, Allen has a loft bed with an enclosed desk under it.  That's how he gets away with staying up secret.

Caught him!  My daughters don't mind if he does schoolwork on his computer...but they do mind when he makes noise with his ham radio or morse code practice! 
Here's his loft from the outside.  Right now he has a twin mattress on it...but we're looking for a full size on  So far all the full size mattresses have been from homes with indoor cats...but we'll keep looking.
Ruthie made my cherry birthday cake this year.  I think ukulele cakes are now a tradition!

You have to look closely to see why I took this picture.  See all the slanted trees right next to the Outback Restaurant?  They were straight before Hurricane Irene!
This is my latest use for my spanish cazuela from Clay CoyoteIf you remember, this is the only stoneware that is made for stovetop use.  I think my homemade bean dip looks perfect in it.  Actually...I like to make all my heated dips in it. 

Easy Bean Dip

1 lb shredded colby (we used goat cheese)
1 large can refried beans (I made mine from 2 cups dried beans)
1 jar salsa (I used a large jar from Walmart)

Mix together and heat until cheese is melted.  Serve with tortilla chips.  If you are serving this to the Henry Boys (from church)...make a second dish just for them. They love this dip!

We enjoyed having hubby home from work today for Columbus Day.  He took the youngest 5 children to his brother's home for an afternoon of water skiing.  They are still shivering.  But NO stinging jellyfish!

As I am sitting here typing, my windows are open and a gentle breeze blowing.  This is such perfect weather.  Hope you are enjoying the same.

Clue:  The grey cat is in front of the rocks, to the right of the picture.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Deb said...

Beautiful cosmos! Hannah just picked some garden flowers tonight; one was a huge cockscomb! Just delightful.

Glad you had your hubby home. We didn't get a holiday from work for the guys here.

Happy Birthday, Kathie! Hope you enjoyed the cake!