Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a busy week. Lessons, appts, shopping, etc. This was our week to help my Dad cook for his church. Then we had family portraits taken for our church directory. Ugh! Our family does not take a good picture! Our appt for getting our pictures taken was 9:20 pm on Thursday evening. Of course, it was 10 pm by the time we actually posed. But there were lots of folks at church, so we had fun yapping with everyone.This morning I decided to see how eBay sales are doing. Many of you know that for seven years, I used to sell precut quilt kits on eBay. I stopped last April because we were leaving to go to Texas for 6 weeks. I haven't found the time yet to start up again. It didn't help that eBay (nicknamed Feebay) raised their fees again.

The above picture shows a set of pink squares that are 2" each. The starting bid is $2.25 for 90 of them. Back in April, these sets would start at 99 cents and bid up to $3 or $4. This morning I was shocked at the lack of bidding. I always say that eBay is the best gauge of our economy. If that's true...yikes!

I put "log cabin" in the search engine and came up with this kit for $29.99. It's a 60" square. That's a fair price.
I really liked this kit until I found out that the $16.99 only covers the 10 dog pictures. You have to supply the rest of the fabrics. I would like to do something similiar to this, but using horse pictures and brown fabrics.
It was heartwarming to see longtime seller "emasond" from Virginia still selling. She has some of the nicest blocks. When a buyer asked me to make a quilt in flannels, I declined but passed the offer to emasond. She also declined but replied with the friendliest email.
One last picture. Here's a quilt kit called Daisy Lane. It is selling for $24. Probably not a bad price, but coming from Canada means high shipping. Clicking on the pictures will take you to the individual auction pages.

My conclusion is that I chose a good time to take a break from eBay. If eBay truly is a reflection of our economy, we must be in another depression!

Last night we had Uncle Norm for dinner. Then Dad came over and we all sat around the fireplace with a huge fire roaring. It was toasty!

Enjoy your weekend. We are having blustery weather (for Maryland, that is). I can hear my Wyoming friend laughing!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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