Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Child Training

One of the best things that happened to Mike and me was back in 1990 when a friend gave us a set of cassettes tapes called, "The Godly Home." These tapes (now on CDs) changed our lives. Even though I had attended Sunday School and church all my life, had worked at a Christian camp for 10 years, had graduated from a Christian high school, and had earned a BA degree from a Christian college, I had never been taught how to raise a child.

I listened to these tapes and I knew God had answered my prayers. These tapes are the outreach of Charity Christian Fellowship. The preaching is done by Denny Kenaston. This set is free to anyone who wants one. I have given away at least a dozen of these sets over the years. If you are a parent, and have no clue how to raise a child, please send for these CDs and listen to them. Denny will show you the Biblical principles you need.

Denny Kenaston has his own webpage that is interesting to read. Now that four of his children are grown and involved in full time Christian service, Denny has written a book about his family and their ministry. Go here to order the book or read about the Kenaston family. I have two copies on loan right now, but if you would like to read this book, I will buy another copy and give it to you. Yes, it means that much to me. This book will give you a vision for your family. This book should be given to every couple for a wedding gift (along with the above CDs, of course!).
Another ministry that I have mentioned before is the No Greater Joy that focuses on Child Training and Bible study. We are still learning much about parenting through their wonderful monthly magazine.

This past Sunday at church, my family witnessed an "incident" between a four-year-old child and an adult. The adult told the child several times to do something, but the child was very disrespectful and refused to obey. The adult had to pick up the child and put her where she belonged. My family stood from a distance watching unbelievably.

So later on at home, we were talking about it, and my children were saying that they never would have had the guts to be so disrespectful to anyone, let alone one of the church elders. My children were then discussing how it is so important to train your children, especially if you want other people to like your children.

I got a real kick out of hearing my children making a pact with each other to train their children so we won't have any "brats" running around at family get-togethers. My children already have a vision for their families!

Raising children for the Lord is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I have plenty of good books, magazines and CDs that I lend out to anyone who asks.

Enjoy these days leading up to the holidays.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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