Thursday, December 6, 2007

101 Reasons Not To Feed Dairy To Your Children

For those of you who feel sorry for my children because they cannot have dairy products, here are 101 reasons to think our defective gene is a blessing, lol. I found this list that was written by a doctor:

Far less colic
Far less osteoporosis
Reduced childhood cancer
Drastically reduced chance of developing Type I Diabetes
Drastically reduced chance of developing Type II Diabetes
Less eczema
Less diaper rash
Less infant crying
Less infant fussiness
Less vomiting
Less Cystic Fibrosis
Less heartburn (Gastro Esophageal Reflux)
Less esophageal cancer
Greatly reduced chance of developing breast cancer
Reduced chances of ovarian cancer
Reduced colon cancer
Less Autism
Less tonsillitis
Fewer learning deficits
Fewer behavior disorders
Fewer tantrums
Less epilepsy
Better absorption of nutrients
More opportunities to consume anti-oxidant-rich foods
Reduced fluorosis
Far fewer food allergies
Freedom from common milk-protein intolerance reactions
Fewer digestive problems
Greatly reduced chance of developing leukemia
Far less asthma
Fewer respiratory infections
Less nose-picking
Reduced incidence of Lupus
No suffering from lactose intolerance
Freedom from galactose build-up
Healthier flora
Reduced constipation
Reduced diarrhea
Reduced gas
Less abdominal pain
Better sleep
Less bed-wetting
Fewer headaches
Less need for allergy drugs
Less need for pain relievers
Less need for antibiotics
The unmasked, robust taste of pizza sauce
Fewer fertility problems
Reduced incidence of Crohn's disease
Reduced incidence of Irritable Bowel disease
Reduced Colitis
Increased IQ (with no formula)
Reduced anemia
Fewer ear infections
Less non-infective ear fluid build-up
Less congestion
Fewer runny noses
A lower-fat diet
Freedom from hydrogenated animal fat
Increased immune system functioning
Reduced chance of developing premature puberty
Less short-stature
Far less acne
Far less heart disease
Fewer heart attacks
Fewer strokes
Less lung cancer
Lower blood pressure
Better arteries
Reduced blindness
Reduced kidney disease
Less Multiple Sclerosis
Making a statement against a huge government lobby
Not supporting the baby-killing formula industry
Freedom from tasting spoiled milk (gag)
Freedom from frequent milk runs
Freedom from antibiotics fed to cows
Freedom from pesticides fed to cows
Freedom from added BGH and its questionable consequences
Freedom from powerful hormones naturally found in cow's milk
A beautiful healthy glow
Less temptation to consume birthday party junk foods
Less halitosis (bad breath)
Far less arthritis
Greater infant survival
Less obesity
Fewer ulcers
Fewer cataracts
Guilt-free communion with cows
Drastically reduced incidence of prostate cancer
Cow's milk is not a natural food for humans
Milk formula diapers stink, breastmilk diapers don't
Milk formula stains the carpet, breastmilk doesn't
Dairy industries lobby for their wealth above nutritional truth
Dairy farms take baby cows away from their mothers
Dairy farms don't allow calves to have mother's milk
Dairy farming is resource intensive
Dairy farming tortures animals
Dairy farming pollutes our water
Dairy farming pollutes our air

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