Thursday, October 4, 2007

Nutty Happenings

Last night we had Polska Kielbasa for dinner. I ate kielbasa for the first time when I was 21, and was up at "the lake" with my hubby's family for a weekend of waterskiing. Mike's Dad cooked it on the grill. It took me a while to like it, but my children have always enjoyed it.I always buy three packages of kielbasa, cut off the two straight edges to make them hotdog size, then freeze the curly ends to cook with mashed potatoes and saurkraut at some other time. A true German dish to go with our German name!
Right before we went to the ocean for a week, I had a raspy throat thanks to allergies. I had a craving for soda, so I found a can (from Grandpa's stash!) and put it on the top shelf in the freezer to quickly chill for 10 minutes or so. Well, I forgot it, and now I have a big, sticky mess that drips from top to bottom. So I will be cooking a lot of weird meals this week in an effort to get rid of the food in the freezer.

For breakfast we ate defrosted vegetable beef soup, for lunch we had a dozen chicken wings that I baked, half a bag of french fries that I sauteed, and a bag of peas. My children enjoyed it and asked if we can eat this way all the time!

One of Maggie's favorite things to do is live off our land. We have 23 acres of which most of it is dense woods with deep crevices (great for sledding!). We have one flat acre in the woods where the children build their treeforts. But our home sits on 4 flat acres that are great for gardening. Maggie has identified many native grasses and weeds, and has made salads and stirfries using them (her dandelion salad is wonderful!).

Last year, Maggie started collecting acorns to make into flour, from which she made Acorn Pound Cake. It was delicious. Well, Maggie is at it again. She collected her acorns yesterday. This year the acorns are huge as you can see by the quarter.

So yesterday, Maggie put the acorns in water, boiled them for two minutes, and when they cooled, she peeled them. The boiling helps the nutmeat sort of "pop" out. This method was much easier than cracking them open raw.
After that, Maggie put the nutmeat in the foodprocessor with water, and processed until smooth. Then she strained the flour until all the water ran out.
I see that there are several new recipes saved on my desktop for "homemade flour glue," so I have a suspicion that is what the flour will be used for. (Added later: I just found out that the glue recipes are Lizzie's. Maggie hasn't decided yet what she will make with the nut flour.)

In between all the "nutty" doings, Maggie is making a large sheetcake for my aunt's birthday party tonight. Usually we take a dairy and egg free cake for our family whenever we go to a party and keep it in the kitchen so my children can get a piece. But at the last party for my extended family, everyone realized Maggie's cake was much better than the "featured" cake. So my Dad asked Maggie to make one big cake for everyone tonight.

Maggie chose to make a double sheetcake (one side chocolate, one side vanilla) for tonight. My Dad enjoys having everyone over for dinner, so when he remembered that Aunt Joan's birthday was today, he got busy ordering crabs and bought a huge prime rib. He got so busy....that he forgot to invite the birthday girl! Fortunately, Aunt Joan didn't get offended at the last minute invite. I guess the prime rib helped:-)

So Maggie has just finished putting the finishing touches on her cake for tonight. We're off to pick up the last few items for the children's costumes for the upcoming play, then allergy shots, Joann's fabrics, a freecycle pickup, military ID cards, and anything else we can dream up. The weather is beautiful, so maybe a stop at Hog Point.

Doesn't it look great?!! And I know it will taste great. Maggie had lots of icing leftover, so she is teaching the girls to make roses. As I've mentioned before, it is hard to make dairyfree roses, but these look yummy.

Have a great day. Try out my new Bible Quiz feature at the bottom of my left column.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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