Monday, June 25, 2007

Well, it's Monday morning after a busy, fun weekend. On Saturday we left at 4 am to drive to Charlottesville, NC to spend the day at a waterpark called Emerald Point Wet 'n Wild. For some reason, I thought we could go and have our fun and not be affected by the worldliness of others. Every once in a while I have to learn this lesson again. Our family did have a wonderful time riding on all the wonderful water slides. I prefer keeping my stomach intact, so I enjoyed the wave pool. But we were shocked at the swimsuits...or lack thereof.

I keep forgetting that we live a different life than the world. Our family life seems so normal that I forget that the world is on a different track. I guess the good thing is that our whole family was shocked and we're still shaking our heads wondering why the world chooses to live the way they do. Anyhow, we've decided that we've enjoyed our last waterpark.

I must say, we stuck out like sore thumbs. My older girls, hubby and son wore long shorts and tops over swimsuits and the two youngest girls wore coverups that look like dresses that came to their knees. I wore culottes and a top over a swimsuit. I had made our coverups out of polyester fabric that dried quickly. We received 9 compliments throughout the day. These ranged from, "Wow, did you make your coverups?" and "I wish I could find a nice swimsuit coverup" to a compliment from a man who thanked me profusely for the way our family was dressed.

After a full day in the water, we found two rooms in a nice cheap hotel. We slept well and enjoyed getting up late on Sunday. We then drove 3 hours south to Greenville, SC to Bob Jones University where we dropped off Anna and Maggie for Missions Camp.

I attended BJU for 3 years and loved every minute of it...even exam week! I have always enjoyed being part of a team and during exam week, everyone was in the same bucket. The best part of BJU is the faculty. For them, teaching was not a job but a ministry. They prayed for us and they wanted the best for each of us. I know that part hasn't changed. Yes, all the warm, wonderful feelings engulfed me as I walked around yesterday. The only thing missing was the humidity:-) I had warned my daughters about the incessant heat and humidity in SC but yesterday was gorgeous with a slight breeze.

So this morning I moped around with all my chores waiting to be started, my quiet time lacking spirit, my homesickness for my daughters threatening to overwhelm me, and God sent my Dad. We talked for a while, and now I feel better. Thanks, Dad.

I read my favorite blog this morning, Mountain Musings, and enjoyed her post for this past weekend. If you want to see a spectacular homeschool graduation, you must read her post. My heart aches for a fellowship weekend like this! We homechurched for 5 years and they were the best years ever.

I was reading in Job again this morning, where Job had lost everything and the only the left was to curse God. But still he refused to do that. It made me think of the people in the world who curse God without even thinking about it. It's become a habit to them. What a difference to those of us who have the habit of praising God for everything.

Our world has become a frightening place to live. People need Jesus, it's that simple.

Ruthie misses Maggie and Anna. All morning she has been mothering her two special dolls named Maggie and Anna:-)

Many blessings ~ Kathie

PS ~ I have been following the blog of a young woman named Amy Wilhoit who is dying of a form of Leukemia. If you think you are having a rough day, read Amy's blog. This morning, Amy's post let us know that the doctors can no longer do anything for her. Amy has a husband and baby boy. Remember Amy and her family in your prayers.

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deb said...

Kathie ~ I can sympathize with your water park experience. We have come to the same conclusion whether it's water parks or just amusement parks. It is worth more to protect our family than it is to enjoy the fun for a day (where the sights will linger in our minds much longer!).

Thank you for your kind words about our blog. It's always an encouragement to know folks enjoy stopping by to visit.