Thursday, June 21, 2007

This is my latest thrift shop purchase that Maggie gives 5 stars! It is a Soft Serve Ice Cream Mixer by Progressive. I paid $2 for mine and I see there is a 99 cent one on ebay. I couldn't find any on Amazon. Anyhow, Maggie used our Tofutti NonDairy Vanilla ice cream and it worked beautifully! (Soft ice cream is one of the few dairy foods that my family misses.) Even came with a handy cone stand (see picture on box). So this is definitely a keeper.

It's hard to believe I haven't posted for a week, but I have been busy. A friend of mine is on vacation this week, so she brought two quilts tops that she had pieced and that evening she left with two finished quilts! I didn't think to take a picture but they were very nice quilts. It sure felt good to finish something, even if they aren't my quilts!

Maggie and Anna are very busy sewing for camp next week. When they are finished, I am going to mass produce 2 pairs of culottes for four of my daughters. I was able to buy a bolt of navy blue weaver's cloth with my 50% off coupon yesterday, which is a blessing because I've had a hard time finding it.

The big event this week has been about a huge black snake. I was pegging laundry on our back porch and happened to glance up and watch the tail end of a snake slithering past the siding into our attic! So Mike crawled up there and sprinkled two canisters of mothball granules. The next morning the whole house smelled! So Mike came home and rigged up the fan so that the fumes are going into the garage. So far we haven't seen the snake come out, so who knows. But I know that I look all around before I go out on the porch!

Many blessings on this longest day of the year ~ Kathie

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deb said...

Kathie ~ your snake story sounds so familiar - we just had 2 black snakes and a milksnake around here. Two were killed and one was transferred to another property. I've been squeamish ever since. I don't envy your situation with not knowing where your snake went! Keep us updated if you find out.