Thursday, May 17, 2007

Today we found a great website that shows you how to tie a fact 119 different knots! The best part is that it is animated and you can watch the knot being tied slowly or quickly! The website is This is perfect if you have a boy who is a kinestic learner. My son, Allen, wants to master all 119 knots. I'm sure he will!

This weekend is the annual Quilt Show at Sotterley Plantation in Hollywood, Maryland. This is one of the most quality quilt shows I've been to. The Sotterley Plantation has many old buildings and the quilt guild uses all of them. Make sure you bring some spending money because there is a little fabric shop there that sells remnants that have been donated by quilt guild members. Last year I bought some $13/yard fabric for 50 cents/yard! Make sure you also allow extra time to walk down the lawn to take in the river views.

The picture above shows the quilt that will be raffled.

Years ago when we had a TV, there was a commercial by Mastercard that I enjoyed. I'd like to use that commercial to advertise for the quilt guild. Here goes: Ticket = $7/person, Fabric = 50 cents/yard, Inspiration = Priceless!

This year my daughters and I are going to meet up with our friend, Anna I., at the show. So if you would like to meet with us, we are meeting at 11 am on Friday in the front. We'd love to have a crowd!

Usually this time of year my quilting sales on Ebay start to slump. I think most quilters are gardeners and so we spend more time outside than inside come springtime. But this spring I am being blessed with record breaking sales! This isn't a coincidence, but an answer to prayer. I spent a lot of money getting some of our instruments repaired, so it is extra special to me that the Lord is answering my prayer with a yes!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will try to be diligent with posting.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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