Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mystery Bird Identified!!

This morning Maggie identified our mystery bird who has been showing up at our feeders (along with 20 or so of his kin). It is a red-breasted grosbeak! They are simply beautiful and get along well with the other birds, except for the bluejay, who scares everyone away.

I am home from church today with Lizzie who has a headcold. She feels so miserable. So I am spraying everything with Lysol for damage control. Lizzie is taking mullein and it is helping better than anything else we've found. What we like best about mullein is that it relieves both chest and head congestion with no side effects. Ruthie takes the mullein drops in fruit juice, but the rest of us take mullein capsules from our local health food store. I have found that it is good to take mullein as a preventive measure if I am going to eat somewhere other than my dairyfree home. There is also mullein tea. Try it!

Spend time with the Lord today.

Blessings ~ Kathie

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