Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hello, all you faithful readers! Never fear, Mom (Kathie) will be back tomorrow (armed with pictures, no doubt =)), but until then, it is up to me, Sarah, to report on the day.

And it was lovely! Our family went up early and met my paternal grandparents and aunt, uncle, and cousins - and, of course, Dad, who had already performed in one show and would leave us to go perform again - for dinner at the Hunan Star before attending the 8:00 concert. The poor Star... our family is very fun loving (i.e, LOUD!) and the poor Chinese hosts were not entirely sure how to deal with us. It was a great meal, however, with great company.

Because Dad had to return to the college early to prepare for the second show, we girls and Allen had time for a quick trip to Wal-Mart and still arrived well before the doors opened. We're pretty sure it's a rule that you can't "go to town" and not go to Wal-Mart. And if it's not, don't tell us. Ignorance is bliss.

Dad was a little disappointed at dinner because he felt the group had blown one of their embellished endings; however, having heard the show, I doubt they flubbed as badly as he felt (and if they did, nobody probably noticed!). This was probably their best performance yet - they focused less on the dramatics this year, and more on the music, and it really showed in the quality and timbre of the songs we heard. The theme for this year's show was "street rats" and Dad kept saying it was inspired by a song they were doing from "Oliver!" But having never seen it, I wasn't really picturing this until the lights came on and it hit me, "Oh, Newsies! I get it now!" Actually, since they were doing several Irish songs, their director was wearing a very Irish leprechaun hat, so I suppose the overall effect was street rats/Newsies on the streets of Dublin. =) Very clever, and charming. The guys looked very at ease and were obviously enjoying themselves, and you could hear that quality in their music. They also presented one of their students with a scholarship that the chorus created in memorium of a member they lost to cancer last year.

I was originally going to ride up myself, but I wasn't feeling well today (allergy season has begun with a vengeance) and decided to go ahead and ride up with the family. After the show, we kids convinced Mom to stay for the Afterglow party. Mom and Dad will probably be out until the wee hours of the morning there, where the quartets, choruses, and guys will sing until they've sung themselves hoarse, at which point they'll rehash every aspect of the show and their performance. :-) In the meantime, everyone but me is in bed fast asleep - most notably Maggie, who was probably asleep before her head hit the pillow - and I'm about to join them.

Thanks for reading ~ Sarah

P.S. One of my goals in life is to read every word that C.S. Lewis has written. I grew up on The Chronicles Of Narnia; as a young teenager, Mere Christianity completely blew my mind and changed the way I viewed my faith. Thus I was terribly excited when Mom found his science fiction trilogy, in mint condition, at the thrift store. I have finished "Out of the Silent Planet" and am halfway through "Perelandra". Good stuff, folks. But if you haven't read any of Lewis' nonfiction, I highly recommend you do so. Mere Christianity is his crowning achievement, but don't be surprised should it take you half a year to comprehend it and the implications he raises for the apologetics of Christianity.

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